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  Stake Fusion (FSN)

Fusion is a connected ecosystem for financial transactions.
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Why should you stake with us?
  • We have produced more than 10.000 blocks on the Fusion main net
  • We have had 100% up time since genesis
  • Active participant on testnets - helping the community and promoting the project
  • Our infrastructure have never lost a ticket
  • Our 5% operator fee beats the industry standards
  • We will launch live reward tracker soon™
  • No minimum amount requirement
  • Time-lock your FSN to our staking address for a minimum of 60 days
  • Time-locked FSN will automatically return to you when the staking period ends
  • Rewards are distributed monthly
Get started
  • Send time-locked FSN to our staking address below
  • Choose any amount you want to stake
  • Time-lock: "Date to Date" - at least until 05-10-2020
Staking address:
Click on address to see our pool stats